Tissue culture plants

We are suppliers of quality tissue culture plants of following species:
Banana, Pineapple, Ornamentals
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Indo Africa Bio Agricon has strategic tie-up and agreement with production facility

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(approved and recognized by Government of India) for marketing and sales of bio-fertilizers in India.


We also provide various environment specific services like:Environment Management through Bio-remediation and Phytoremediation.

Our Core Strengths…




We have linkages with various agriculture and biotech companies in India. We are committed towards the quality of our products to maintain a satisfied customer base. We have a strong information base on agriculture, agri-market, plant tissue culture, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, herbal and aromatic plants extraction.



Strategic tie-ups

Indo Africa Bio-agricon , supplies the quality tissue culture plants of various species as we are associated with Jagadamba Bio-plants, Bangalore and we are certified by DBT, Govt. of India under NCS-TCP. Jagadamba Bioplants http://jagadambabio.com/


Strong information base

We have strong information base on agriculture, agri-market, plant tissue culture, bio-fertilisers, bio-pesticides, herbal and aromatic plants extraction.



Strong network

We have strong network of dependable primary sources.  As an emerging technology, the plant tissue culture has a great impact on both agriculture and industry, through providing plants needed to meet the ever increasing demand. It has made significant contributions to the advancement of agricultural sciences in recent times and today they constitute an indispensable tool in modern agriculture.

About Us

Indo Africa Bio Agricon has wide network of medium scale agricultural and biotech industries.
We make a personal connection with the clients and core group consists of subject experts/professionals offering wide range of services to various small companies.
 Our integrated approach enables to deliver high quality and high impact services.


A few of Indo Africa Bio Agricon’s services

Detailed Project Report!

Detailed Project Report serves as a basis for starting any business venture. The Detailed Project Report will work as a key for an entrepreneur for gathering information on the subject.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Study is the analysis of the viability of an idea. It is carried out before creating detailed report to saves both time and money. Our feasibility study outlines and analyses several alternative of achieving

Market Research

Indo Africa Bio Agricon expertise helps in understanding client needs precisely and according the research methodology is developed. This involves Primary survey done with structured questionnaires,

Market Survey

Indo Africa Bio Agricon by virtue of its extensive network assist clients in conducting market survey through both primary and secondary survey. Focused areas for market survey includes agri inputs, agri retailing

Turnkey Implementation

We undertake tasks from conception to commissioning, operations and management. The linkages with major agriculture and biotech industry

Advisory Services

Our technical advisory services help the bioventures to troubleshoot problems associated with production, technology adoption and diffusion.


Indo Africa Bio Agricon assists its clients in planning, coordinating and organizing conferences, workshops, training programmes, roadshows, awareness

Detailed Project Report

Detailed Project Report

Whether you’re the kind of person who reads details report or not, we write one that explains all of your company’s capabilities in intimate detail.

Quick Results

Quick Results

The project report are created so as to provide incredibly rapid results. The lightning quick functionality has been optimised from the ground realities, which means it’s easy to be implemented by users & accepted frequently in the market as well.

Complete Support

Complete Support

We have a lot of market experience and expertise to help you setup a turnkey business as per your requirements and resources available.

Delivered in Time

Delivered in Time

All our services are carried out in a time-bound manner. With our methodology and experience we are able to deliver reports and implement turnkey solutions in stipulated time.

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